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    Child mental health policy and service reform

    Professor Frank Oberklaid, Director of the Mental Health in Primary Schools (MHiPS) program, delivered the 2022 Winston Rickards Memorial Oration on child mental health policy and service reform.

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  • Talking Teaching Podcast

    Podcast: Talking Teaching

    In this episode of the Talking Teaching podcast, Prof Frank Oberklaid, MHiPS Director, and Dr Georgia Dawson, MHiPS Training Manager, speak with Prof Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, about a range of topics related to children’s mental health in schools.

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    Welcome to the MHiPS website

    This newly launched website aims to keep schools, parents and policymakers informed about the Mental Health and Primary Schools (MHiPS) program and provide resources to support children’s mental health and wellbeing in primary schools.

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    Could a Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHWL) model help primary schools to better meet the needs of students?

    The MHiPS pilot program – which originally began with 10 metropolitan and regional primary schools in Victoria in 2020 – is expanding to 100 schools in 2022. The research study aims to discover if implementing a Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader (MHWL) model in primary schools increases the capacity to meet the mental health needs of students.

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    Youth anxiety and depression are at record levels. Mental health hubs could be the answer

    The COVID pandemic has shone a light on the ongoing decline in young people’s mental health. Psychologists have warned if we don’t start to address the mental health emergency of young people’s anxiety and depression, it may become a “trans-generational disaster”.

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    Push to tackle children’s mental health in primary schools

    Twenty-six Victorian primary schools will employ a mental health and wellbeing co-ordinator to provide training and be a link between classrooms, families and external support as part of a program that was co-designed by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

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