• Educator Perspectives 600X600px

    Educator insights on children's mental health in primary schools

    In an open-access study published in The Australian Educational Researcher, primary school educators share their perspectives on the factors influencing children’s mental health in schools.

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  • Continuum (200 × 200 Px)

    Game-changing tool to support children's mental health and wellbeing

    The Children's Wellbeing Continuum, developed under the leadership of MHiPS Director, Prof Frank Oberklaid, is being heralded by experts as a game-changer for children’s mental health by reducing stigma, detecting those who are struggling and linking them to early support services.

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  • Mhips Student Opportunities (1200 × 675 Px) (2)

    PhD, honours, and Master’s student opportunities in children’s mental health

    Are you interested in an honours or Master’s student project, or a PhD focused on children's mental health? The Mental Health is Primary schools (MHiPS) team are looking to connect with future students to explore and shape relevant projects.

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    MHiPS Mid-Year Conference 2022

    For the first time all Mental Health and Wellbeing Leaders from all three years of the MHiPS program gathered for a mid-year conference to celebrate and reflect on the achievements of the MHiPS pilot. 

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  • News Funding Boost 200X200px

    MHiPS to receive $200 million and expand to 1800 schools

    The project is set to receive $200 million in funding from the Victorian Government to support 1800 Victorian primary schools to build their capacity in mental health.

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  • News IPSHA Conference 200X200px

    Making a difference to the lives of children – school as the new frontier

    Prof Frank Oberklaid presented at the IPSHA National Conference in Adelaide on May 28, 2022. Take a look at his presentation. 

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  • Child Mental Health In Schools 200X200px

    Child mental health policy and service reform

    Professor Frank Oberklaid, Director of the Mental Health in Primary Schools (MHiPS) program, delivered the 2022 Winston Rickards Memorial Oration on child mental health policy and service reform.

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  • News Policy And Service Reform 200X200px

    Children's Wellbeing Continuum

    The draft Children’s Wellbeing Continuum uses simple words, colours and icons to visually communicate children’s mental health across a continuum.

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  • Talking Teaching Podcast

    Podcast: Talking Teaching

    In this episode of the Talking Teaching podcast, Prof Frank Oberklaid, MHiPS Director, and Dr Georgia Dawson, MHiPS Training Manager, speak with Prof Jim Watterston, Dean of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, about a range of topics related to children’s mental health in schools.

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    Welcome to the MHiPS website

    This newly launched website aims to keep schools, parents and policymakers informed about the Mental Health and Primary Schools (MHiPS) program and provide resources to support children’s mental health and wellbeing in primary schools.

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